Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Our First Team Puncture

Dean never at his best when dealing with a puncture !!

Monday, 7 June 2010

The Hearty Bikers

Let ‘s start by telling you where and why we set ourselves this questionable challenge.

Sometime last summer, a couple of us were riding mountain bikes around the local area to keep fit (in the loosest sense) when some bright spark came up with the idea of doing a sponsored ride. Quite how it turned from the normal ride around Rutland water into a riding to Paris in three days we’re unsure of, but that’s what happened.

So the first thing we needed to do was recruit new riders. We thought the best place to find riders of our standard was the local pub, and how right we were.  We announced what we were going to do and people were falling over themselves to sign up. However, It became very clear that we would need to ask them again the next day and to my surprise three continued to show interest. So there we have it, the most highly trained super fit cycle team assembled in an evening.

We had to decide on a charity and the one that sprung to mind was the British Heart Foundation. They offered a package for this type of event and most of the team had some connection with the BHF in some form or other, some closer than others. It also transpired (and this really brought it home) that one of the riders mother-in-law had a triple heart bypass just after we had signed up for this event, we're happy to report that she is making a wonderful recovery!

What next, ah yes HELP!  We needed help and guidance as we had never ridden much more than a few miles before. This came with the help of someone called Pete Smith who also frequented the previously mentioned pub.  Pete is linked with a top level road racing team and is willing to advise us in every way he can - thanks Pete!  Although, it must be said, that your advise for saddle comfort (cant think of a more polite way of putting it) isn't working, so if readers have any suggestions please  leave us a note when making your DONATION.

Please please please donate if you can , and thank you so much for those that have already done so.

Click here to donate  >>>>>       http://www.theheartybikers.co.uk/

Friday, 9 April 2010

Introducing The Hearty Bikers

The Hearty Bikers

Every year the British Heart Foundation saves thousands of lives thanks to its ground-breaking research and innovative health initiatives. The Hearty Bikers this September will be raising money by cycling from  London to Paris over a 3 day period covering in excess of 250 miles, The team members are Jonathan Portus, Dean Elliott, Martin Rumble, Gary Turner and Peter Needham. We hope that you will generously donate towards this event and the great work of the British Heart Foundation. This website will be updated with new photos during our training  and the event so please keep checking and forward this site onto other friends, family and work colleagues

Please visit www.heartybikers.co.uk to donate

Friends and family around the world can donate online using credit/debit cards or PayPal.
This page is currently live and will accept donations until 06-12-2010
  • Fundraising Page Target : £10,000.00
  • Total donations to date : £5.00
  • Online donations to date : £5.00
  • Amount raised offline : £0.00
The UK Gift Aid schemeJustgiving will be able to reclaim and add £1.41 to these online donations thanks to the UK Revenue Service's Gift Aid scheme.
All donations are paid immediately to British Heart Foundation.